Over the years, IVF has helped millions of patients in getting the best IVF treatment in Mumbai for their respective infertility issues. Yet, as you make up your mind while taking the first step in the same direction, you must take a deep understanding of the same process beforehand.

In layman’s language, IVF is a process where the sperm and eggs derived from male and female patients are mixed in a lab dish to develop an embryo. The same embryo then gets implanted into the womb of the woman looking to conceive via an IVF clinic in Mumbai.

IVF in MumbaiInfertility treatment in Mumbai at our IVF Clinics Mumbai includes specialized treatment like laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. Besides, we undertake all kinds of normal deliveries and cesarean deliveries under the expert supervision of our fertility specialists.

So, you can rest assured that our skilled gynecologists will take care of all your worries and concerns in the same regard. At the IVF clinic in Mumbai, we take pride in providing the best IVF treatment services via our state-of-the-art facility and highly-skilled team members.

How do we guarantee the highest success rate for IVF?

We offer a variety of IVF programs to assist patients dealing with random infertility issues. A wide range of services is available at our facility i.e. IVF, surrogacy, and egg donation. Besides, we will guide and support you regarding any other unexplained infertility issue in the best manner possible.

We are a team of experts who have worked tirelessly over the years to gain expertise in treating a list of infertility issues and related problems. With the assistance of our team of skilled consultants, we can also lessen the psychological toll attached to conception.

With our treatment facilities at your service, you won’t have to worry about going through a difficult time in life. With our solutions, we are able to provide simplified and comprehensive information and solutions on IVF treatment, as well as other treatment plans and alternatives.

IVF treatment in Mumbai

How IVF process works?

  1. Stimulating the ovaries
    Every menstrual cycle, the female reproductive system produces one egg. In this stage, fertility injections can be administered to increase the growth of the eggs, and the body is also prepared to produce more eggs than normal. To monitor the egg’s growth, an IVF doctor uses an ultrasound and considers the results of a regular blood test.
  2. Retrieving the eggs
    An ultrasound-guided needle injection procedure is performed into the ovary and the follicle-containing ovary under the supervision of a fertility doctor who has received special training in this technique. He or she uses a microscopic needle to accomplish the entire phenomenon. Using this process makes it easier to remove the eggs one at a time from the follicle.
  3. Artificial insemination
    The male sperm will be now be mixed with the eggs by the doctor. In a laboratory, they typically use a Petri dish for this purpose. Embryo production and egg fertilisation take place over the course of three or four days.
  4. Culturing of Embryos
    We can now keep an eye on the fertilised eggs to make sure they’re developing according to plan. A typical time frame for completion is 45 days. In addition, they are tested for diseases like HIV.
  5. Embryo transfer process
    In order to ensure a successful pregnancy after fertilisation, the doctor will insert the embryo into the female’s uterus. This process is known as the Embryo transfer process and it also marks the completion of the IVF process. Once through with this, the patient will undergo a pregnancy test after a prescribed period.

How we can ensure to provide you with the best IVF treatment in Mumbai?

When you work with us, you can rest assured of getting the best medical support and related assistance during every step. At IVF clinics in Mumbai, we make use of the best treatment options and a quality management system to undertake every single process and phenomenon.

Our state-of-the-art labs will also ensure that patients receive the highest level of satisfaction during every phase. We always have the most up-to-date facilities and highly-trained staff on hand to ensure the best success for your IVF treatment.

Why we are the best?

Highly experienced and specialized Gynecologists, quality management systems, timely medical counseling, and administrative expertise are some of the reasons that set us apart from the rest of the competition. We are always able to provide the best possible patient care to our clients. Besides, quality and experience are at the core of our team, which has been bolstered by a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field.

Our employees are always on board with the goal of constantly improving our service delivery. Successful childbirth is always the core motive of all of our fertility specialists, and these specialties further make us exceptional fertility service providers.

We also offer a list of other services related to IVF treatment in Mumbai like prenatal screening, fetal ultrasound, high-risk pregnancy detection, a fetal intervention-based service as well as many others. Counseling for thalassemia-related infertility and prenatal issues are just two examples of the wide range of genetics and screening services offered.

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