As you get on board with the IVF center in Mumbai, you can choose from any of the available donor programs with Egg Donation Clinic in Mumbai. As of now, we have three types of donor programs: egg donor program, sperm donor program, and embryo donor program.

What is an egg donor program?

Egg Donation in MumbaiOur egg donation program in Mumbai is available to women who find it difficult or impossible to produce their own eggs in their ovaries. A potential donor is selected and subjected to a list of tests and diagnoses to determine their overall health and well-being at an egg donation center in Mumbai.

After that, the Intended Parents are presented with the egg donor profiles for their consideration. The entire process is completely confidential, legal, and anonymous. The fertility specialist administers the necessary medication to the egg donor’s ovaries as soon as the match is made.

These eggs are then harvested and fertilized in the laboratory with the male partner’s sperm, as a part of the IVF treatment process. Afterward, the embryo is implanted into the uterus of the intended mother (or the surrogate mother in a few cases).

Women undergo a pregnancy test after one week, and if the results are positive, they’ll be monitored by doctors at our egg donation clinic in Mumbai. Pregnancy rates are actually between 50 and 60 percent in this program.

Menopausal women and those suffering from Premature Ovarian Failure are the primary beneficiaries of our egg donor program in Mumbai. Besides, Women who have had previous IVF cycles with poor ovarian response, and women undergoing treatment for infected or surgically removed ovaries also get benefitted from it.

What is a Sperm donor program?

Couples with a male partner who is experiencing problems with the quality or motility of their sperm should consider the sperm donor program by the IVF clinic in Mumbai. If a couple decides to use donor sperm, we first initiate the process of obtaining samples from one of our partner sperm banks.

Once the sperm sample has been collected, it is then tested by a team of fertility specialists at our IVF laboratory. After that, it is used to stimulate the development of embryos when they are mixed with the eggs of the female partner. During the entire process, the privacy and secrecy of the sperm donor and the receiving couple are protected.

What is an Embryo Donor program?

embryo donor program in mumbaiDuring the IVF process, there are certain situations when more than one healthy embryo is developed. These healthy embryos can then be preserved using cryopreservation. Afterward, if the couple agrees, they can donate their embryos through our Embryo Donation Program. An embryo donation program is recommended for couples where one partner is experiencing random infertility issues, such as ovarian problems, while the other partner is also dealing with an array of infertility issues.

Besides obtaining embryos from other couples, the same process can be carried out with the help of an anonymous sperm and egg donor. An anonymous donor provides eggs, which are then fertilized with sperm from an unidentified sperm donor in this arrangement. Our partner egg banks and sperm banks make sure to take all the necessary steps and precautions to make the entire process as smooth as possible in both cases.

One of our partner IVF clinics then develops and fertilizes the embryos before implantation in the uterus (womb). The donor and recipient couples’ identities and confidentiality are strictly protected throughout the entire interaction.

Why you must choose the egg Donation Clinic in Mumbai?

At IVF clinics Mumbai, our expert fertility professionals will be by your side as you select through the best sperm donor program, egg donor program, or embryo donor program in Mumbai for your specific requirements

During the course of the interaction, you will have the opportunity to discuss your preferences and requirements with one of our specialists. To schedule a free consultation with one of our in-house fertility specialists, please contact us today!