Preserve Fertility with Egg Freezing in Mumbai

There is no doubt about the fact that millions of couples have already been affected by the evils of infertility. While random fertility treatments have helped in minimizing the impact, preserving fertility at an early age is often recommended by most fertility experts.

While Egg freezing in Mumbai used to be a lesser-known phenomenon a few years back, it has now emerged as the best method for preserving fertility at an early age. In a layman’s language, the Egg Freezing process is all about preserving the women’s eggs for future fertility needs.

While the process may sound simple at the first go, it does require the supervision and monitoring of bets experts and fertility professionals at IVF Clinics Mumbai.

Why one must opt for the Egg Freezing clinic in Mumbai?

Egg Freezing clinic in MumbaiEgg freezing in Mumbai can opt for a list of reasons. There are women around who plan to start a family in the future but aren’t ready to do so right now. So, they can opt for Egg Freezing in order to preserve their eggs for future fertility usage. Although egg freezing does not guarantee a pregnancy, it is still the best method of preserving the eggs of a younger woman for future use.

On the other side, few women want to chase their career goals in the meantime without thinking of pregnancy. As a result, they are able to freeze the eggs for future use while still staying focused on their existing career aspirations. The female egg freezing cost in Mumbai is less as compared to others.

The best way to preserve young women’s eggs is through an egg freezing agency in Mumbai, which allows them to store 8–10 eggs for future pregnancies. As a result, women who are at risk for certain health issues or have been diagnosed with cancer early on can choose to freeze their eggs in order to preserve them for future use.

Is there a specific age at which Egg freezing is appropriate?

The age of 28 to 34 is widely accepted as the ideal age for egg freezing in Mumbai, despite the fact that experts from around the world have developed their own theories on the subject. Generally, it depends on the health and well-being of the woman, along with the quality and quantity of healthy eggs in her ovaries.

 How does the Egg freezing process in Mumbai work?

The procedure begins as the patient pays a visit to a reproductive endocrinologist at our Mumbai egg freezing center. After that, she’ll have to undergo a list of tests and diagnoses, including blood tests and ultrasounds, to determine the quality and quantity of her natural eggs.

In order to increase the number of eggs available for retrieval, the patient is given daily injections of the hormone FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone). For a period of ten days, the woman must administer FSH injections. When the woman’s eggs are retrieved, a doctor will be monitoring them via ultrasound in order to determine the best time for egg extraction.

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These eggs will then be frozen via the cryopreservation technique. The woman freezing her eggs can use them in the future or can even donate eggs to any other needy couple or women around. Connect with one of our client coordinators today to know more about egg freezing in Mumbai and its related aspects!

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