Welcoming New Lives with IVF Treatment in Mumbai

In Vitro Fertilisation commonly known as IVF has been a proven boon to millions of families. As the number of infertile couples has been growing over the last few decades, we are in extreme conditions of facing such issues each day. Couples are frustrated, filled with sorrow, and want some magic to happen in their lives.

IVF though is not magic. However, it has always been a blessing since its invention. Lakhs of families have secured their children through this method. And now you can too. We are IVF treatment clinics in Mumbai and have been actively serving society with our world-class IVF treatment centers. We are bringing a big smile to lakhs of infertile couples.

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What is IVF Treatment?

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilisation. It is a type of Artificial Reproduction Technique that helps infertile couples to have a child of their genetics. The IVF doctors take the egg and the sperm of the couple to fertilise it outside the women’s body. The fertilised embryo is then placed into the woman’s uterus to grow naturally. The Woman’s body then takes care of the embryo like a natural pregnancy and she goes through all the natural 9 months of giving birth to a healthy child.

At the best IVF Clinic in Mumbai, we not only solve some infertility health ailments. We understand how emotionally important it is to you. Our team has years of experience in this field. They have completed their academics, and training, and have an exclusive practical experience where they have learned the emotional and mental aspects of infertility as well. We, the team of IVF Clinic Mumbai, will help you conceive your first pregnancy in the most affordable living conditions.

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    Benefits of IVF Treatment:

    • IVF Treatment success rate is higher than other infertility treatments.
    • It helps diagnose fertilisation issues.
    • Unused embryos are used for donation or research.
    • IVF allows embryos for research on inherited diseases.
    • IVF helps with Male Infertility, Unexplained Infertility, PCOS, and Premature Ovarian Failure.

    Limitations in IVF Treatment:

    • There is no guarantee of a successful pregnancy.
    • It may lead to side effects & risks.
    • You may have multiple pregnancies.
    • Higher chances of ectopic pregnancy.
    • This may lead to premature birth or low birth weight in babies.
    • It is an emotional & psychological rollercoaster.
    • IVF is expensive.

    How Important is IVF in Today’s Age?

    IVF was invented in the 1980s and since then we have been seeing a huge increment in the number of infertile couples. Modern lifestyles, pollution, bad habits such as smoking, and hormonal imbalance have been some major reasons for infertility in young adults today. The current reports show the number of infertile adults as 17.5% of the total adult population. Easily we can say that 1 out of 6 people is infertile today.

    Through IVF treatment clinics in Mumbai and other hospitals, these couples gain hope of becoming parents. It is one of the safest processes of having an artificial pregnancy. IVF is good for Male Infertility, in older people and has a high track record of successful treatment.

    Causes of Infertility in Males:

    • Hormonal Balance Issues
    • Infections in genital and ejaculation issues.
    • Issues with the sperm delivery
    • Bad Environmental Exposures
    • Abnormal Functioning of Sperm Production
    • Varicocele
    • Cancer

    Causes of Infertility in Females:

    • Ovulation disorders
    • Abnormalities in Cervical or Uterine
    • Blockage in the Fallopian tube
    • Cancer
    • Ovarian Insufficiency
    • Pelvic Adhesions
    • Endometriosis
    • Prior Surgeries
    • Hormonal Issues

    IVF treatment centers in Mumbai

    How IVF Hospital in Mumbai Treatment Can Help You?

    IVF is the most effective treatment against infertility. It overcomes your infertility issues, genetic issues, or any accidental problem and helps you conceive. If nothing is working, you can opt for IVF treatment for its result-oriented process. Though the IVF process can be time-consuming & expensive and invasive, the results are more than any other infertility treatment out there.

    IVF clinic in Mumbai uses infertility drugs to produce eggs and then with medical procedures, eggs are taken out from the body. The doctors then infuse sperms and eggs to fertilise them. The embryo is then placed into the uterus of the woman (mother or surrogate) to have a further natural pregnancy.

    • IVF works when other infertility treatments fail to give positive results.
    • Anybody can use IVF treatment.
    • You can later donate your sperm or eggs too.
    • You are free to use your time.
    • IVF increases the chances of a healthy baby.
    • Lowers the chances of miscarriage.

    WHY Choose IVF Clinic Mumbai?

    IVF clinic in Mumbai has been a one-stop clinic for all infertility patients for years. We have countered the most complicated and unrecognised infertility cases and have solved them proudly. The years of practice and a team of world-class experts over the seas enable us to treat infertility issues at any stage in our IVF Treatment Centers in Mumbai.

    World-Class Expertise:

    At the best IVF clinic in Mumbai, we offer world-class expertise with a team that is expert in all procedures & sub-treatments of IVF. We focus on taking minimal risks with the most-accurate process method to gain positive results.

    Affordable Treatment:

    We keep IVF costs as low as possible to help our clients with their financial requirements. Also, we have an in-house finance team to help you throughout the process. Several costs may vary from couple to couple.

    Cutting-edge Technological Infrastructure:

    You will get assistance from world-class infrastructure at each step of your treatment. Get advanced Embryology, Andrology, Time-lapse Embryo incubation, and dedicated genetic laboratories for IUI, IVF & ICSI only at IVF Centers in Mumbai.

    Transparency in Communication:

    Transparency in communication plays an important role in understanding & proceeding with the treatment in the most supportive way. We understand your conditions and focus on warm transparent communications for successful IVF treatment.

    Prime Location:

    IVF Clinic Mumbai is at the prime location. All the amenities are very nearby and you will enjoy easy access to all the services such as food, transport, market, medic, and hotels to stay. All of them are in the range of just a few minutes.

    Treatment Options Available:

    All the sub-procedures of IVF are available at IVF Clinic Mumbai. You will get expert counseling & treatment in each stage of IVF. As each IVF case has some unique complications, our specialised team helps you get the perfect treatment at each stage.

    How Do We Help You in IVF Procedure?

    IVF Treatment in Mumbai will let you go through several steps of IVF assessment. An expert’s guidance, financial support, and emotional counseling are also needed sometimes. IVF Clinic Mumbai helps you with all your assessments as given below.

    • We will consider your medical history, personal issues, potential risks, and benefits of IVF treatment to understand your condition.
    • All needed documents, financial support system, and medications required will be discussed at our hospital.
    • The treatment will take place by boosting your egg production with drugs.
    • Your eggs will be removed under the supervision of an expert only with extreme care & protection.
    • Your partner or donor will then provide a sperm sample to continue the process.
    • Our team will fertilise your eggs with the sperm sample and create an embryo.
    • The embryo will then be placed in your uterus.

    Our IVF Services:

    IVF is a combination of several step-by-step treatments. Each one of them must be done very carefully to make IVF a successful treatment. IUI & ICSI also are a part of IVF treatment. Services at Mumbai IVF Center are as follows.

    • IVF Treatment
    • IUI Treatment
    • ICSI Treatment
    • Infertility Clinical Treatment
    • Laser Hatching
    • Donor Programs
    • CryoPreservation
    • Blastocyst Culture Transfer
    • Pre-Genetic Testing
    • Sonography Hysteroscopy

    IVF clinic in Mumbai

    Costing of IVF:

    IVF cost in Mumbai depends on several factors including all the procedures & unique complications for each couple. Also, location plays an important role in deciding the total cost of In Vitro Fertilisation. Below are some factors that can affect your IVF Costing. At Mumbai IVF Center.

    – Doctor’s Fees.
    – Lab Tests
    – Egg Retrieval
    – Sperm Prep
    – Embryo Culturing
    – Embryo Transfer
    – Medication
    Donor Egg or Sperm

    Cities in India IVF Costing
    Tier-1 Cities 1.5 Lakhs-2.5Lakhs
    Tier-2 Cities 1 Lakh-1.75 Lakhs

    IVF Clinical complete treatment will cost you approximately 2 Lakhs in a big city like Mumbai. The costs may vary from hospital to hospital and considering the individual infertility cases.

    IVF Hospital in Mumbai Treatment Details:

    • Consultation sessions with fertility experts.
    • Injections, stimulation, and prescribed medications.
    • Follicular Monitoring with multiple ultrasounds.
    • Ovum collection
    • Semen Processing.
    • Embryo Transferring.
    • IVF-ICSI
    • Day-care Ward
    • OT Charges


    When is the right time for initiating IVF?

    After the initial consultation, blood tests, and other examinations, the right time to start IVF treatment is on the 2nd or 3rd day of your period.

    How many times should a couple try IVF?

    You may go for as many cycles as you want. There is no limitation on IVF Treatment cycles except the finances.

    Why is IVF so expensive?

    The treatment demands high expertise and the latest technological advancement infrastructure. The equipment & materials used, and the expensive doctor’s treatment makes it a high-cost treatment.

    Is the egg collection procedure painful?

    No, the process of egg collection is not painful. However, you may feel some discomfort during the treatment.

    Can I continue my regular activities after IVF?

    Yes. You can and you should continue your regular activities. Overcaring may cause a problem in the natural process. However, distance yourself with heavy exercises and long-distance walking.

    How successful is IVF?

    The success rate of IVF in India is 75%. However, the success rate highly depends on the age of the patients and their medical conditions.

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