Transforming Family Lives through IUI Treatment

More than 40% of the whole global population goes through infertility and other health complexities that inhibits them from conceiving a naturally healthy baby. With the rising trend of technology and fast-paced lifestyle, we as human beings are affected by lots of diseases that we don’t know about. For the past 2-3 decades, we have been witnessing a huge increase in infertile couples looking for exact solutions that would help them live their dream of a perfect family.

IUI stands for ‘Intrauterine Insemination’ in medical terms. The process deals with the fertilisation of eggs, creating an embryo, and using the Art procedure to impregnate a female. IUI and IVF are very much similar in treatment procedures and have always been the best treatment procedures for those suffering from infertility.

We are IVF Clinic Mumbai, a place where you get all your IUI requirements done under the extreme guidance of experts, holding exclusive experience of successful infertility treatments. Hundreds of families have already made their families complete and now you can too. Give us a call to book an appointment.

IUI Treatment in Mumbai:

IUI comes under the Artificial Reproductive Technique that is used for couples who are going through infertility. Several reasons such as hormonal imbalance or any other diseases bring this condition to most infertile couples.

The treatment fertilises the eggs inside the women’s body by placing sperm in the uterus. The sperm then fertilise the eggs naturally and further, a woman experiences pregnancy. It is more effective when the male partner has fertility issues such as weak & defective sperm or less sperm.

During natural intercourse, only a dozen sperm reach the uterus in ideal condition. But the IUI process allows doctors to place millions of sperm into the uterus through ART treatment.

At IUI Clinic in Mumbai, we take special care of the couple and their discomfort. Our team understands the need for emotional, physical, mental, and financial support you need to be ready for such processes. Not being able to conceive a child naturally is a trauma for any couple.

We, at IVF Clinic Mumbai, have a team of experts who have gained knowledge and practical experience in infertility cases and IUI Treatment. With these experienced hands, we become your one-stop solution for all infertility requirements.

IUI Treatment in Mumbai

Benefits of IUI Treatment:

  • IUI is the second-best treatment option for infertility.
  • It causes minimal stress on the body.
  • It has less chance of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS).
  • IUI follows a natural cycle that is less invasive on the body & uterus.
  • Opting for IUI treatment helps you understand the compatibility of your body against other infertility treatments.
  • IUI increases the chances of pregnancy more than regular sex.

Limitations in IVF Treatment:

  • There should not be any damage to the fallopian tube.
  • The female must be ovulating during the pregnancy test.
  • Sperms should have a certain motility.
  • It has only a 20% success rate.
  • The chances of multiple pregnancies are higher in IUI.
  • The drugs can cause side effects such as Mood Swings & Headaches.
  • A slight chance of infection is possible.

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    Who Should Opt for Intrauterine Insemination?

    Several factors can be the reasons for your infertility. But not all of them are right for choosing IUI. Several medicinal treatments can improve your body condition to have a natural child. Before jumping directly into the IUI procedure, you should consult with an expert doctor at IUI Hospital. Go for IUI treatment if

    • You have been trying to conceive for more than one year.
    • The reason for your infertility is unknown.
    • The male partner has subfertile semen parameters.
    • The female has scar tissue on her cervix.
    • You want to use donor sperm.

    Causes of Infertility in Males:

    • Cancer Issues & Ongoing Treatment
    • Hormonal Imbalance
    • Sperm Delivery Issues
    • Pollution
    • Issues in Sperm Production
    • Varicocele

    Causes of Infertility in Females:

    • Ovulation Issues
    • Cervical Abnormalities
    • Issues in the Fallopian tube
    • Cancer and its ongoing treatment
    • Pelvic Adhesions
    • Endometriosis
    • Hormonal Imbalance
    • Surgeries

    Options You Have in IUI Hospitals in Mumbai:

    IUI treatment center in Mumbai has several options for treating infertility. First, you must undergo hormone assessment & imaging tests. These are for determining the right time to start the treatment. Doctors may choose any one of the following procedures to start with you. Gain a slight introduction to all of these.

    1. Natural Ovulation Treatment:
      Women with regular ovulation need no medication for stimulating eggs. An IUI procedure will be decided during your ovulation on the maximum optimal fertile day.
    2. Ovulation Induction:
      If you have inconsistent ovulation, doctors will consider medications to stimulate egg development. Hormonal & ultrasound test results will be a deciding factor to choose a day for IUI treatment.
    3. Treatment Using Donor Sperm:
      A sperm donation will be considered when you have special preferences or the male partner has some diseases or genetic abnormalities in his sperm.
    4. Treatment Using Partner’s Sperm:
      Unknown infertility causes you to keep being pregnant. In such a case, the male partner’s sperm is used for the IUI treatment.

    How Do IUI Hospitals in Mumbai Treatment Can Help You?

    Though IUI treatment is less effective than IVF, it still holds a position on which people can put their hope. IUI treatments are great for people who have unknown infertility issues and don’t want to go into exclusive & more expensive procedures of IUI treatment of IVF and surrogacy treatment.

    IUI has better chances of pregnancy than regular intercourse as it uses millions of sperm in the uterus at once. The further process is natural. Your body gets fewer side effects as IUI opts for natural fertilisation of the eggs with the artificial moving of the sperm in the uterus, enhancing the chances of pregnancy.

    IUI clinic in Mumbai follows different procedures of IUI according to the needs of the patient. Natural or Induced ovulation can be considered as per the need.

    1. Sperm Collection:
      Sperm collection has several procedure options to go for. Choose any of the following.

      • Masturbating in a container.
      • Collecting sperm into a special condom during intercourse.
      • Extraction of sperm from a Urine sample.
      • Collection while having vibratory stimulation.
    2. Sperm Sample Washing:
      Doctors remove the seminal fluid from the sample. This is called the washing of sperm in IUI. This procedure usually takes an hour or two.
    3. Sperm Insertion:
      A thin flexible catheter will be inserted into the female through the cervix to inject the sperm into the uterus.

    WHY Choose IVF Clinic Mumbai?

    We are one of the renowned fertility clinics in India with exclusive positive results from our treatment. Be it unknown infertility causes or a couple’s physical health complications, we have a record number of successfully solved cases.

    World-Class Expertise:

    At IUI Clinic in Mumbai, we have a team of experts in fertility with academic & practical experience and have international recognition for their contribution. Doctors here not only focus on the physical but individual’s emotional health as well to keep their morale up.

    Affordable Treatment:

    Infertility treatment requires good financial support. We, at our clinic, offer you our personal financial team to help you through all the financial work throughout the process. Note that cost may vary with individuals.

    Cutting-edge Technological Infrastructure:

    Our clinic has a world-class infrastructure to examine, treat, and rest the patient. Throughout the treatment, you will come in contact with modern health equipment such as Embryology, Andrology, Time-Lapse Embryo Incubation, and labs for IUI, IVF, and ICSI.

    Transparency in Communication:

    Our professional culture at our clinic guides us to have warm, open, & transparent communication with all of our patients. Not only with the finances or health but you will also get warm support for your emotional conditions here.

    Prime Location:

    You will face zero difficulty in reaching out or going back to your place. Along with transportation, you have easy access to all prime amenities such as food, market, malls, and medic, and stay within a few minutes of walking.

    Treatment Options Available:

    All kinds of infertility treatments are available at IVF Clinic Mumbai. Expert counselling, treatment, finance team, and legal team- all these you get under one roof. Under all treatments, we take special care of individual issues faced by couples.

    Our Infertility Services:

    Infertility can be of several causes and every cause has a different treatment method. All of them must be done with extreme care to have a successful positive result. We have a team of experts in IUI Treatment in Mumbai who can help you with the following treatment.

    IVF Treatment
    IUI Treatment
    ICSI Treatment
    Infertility Clinical Treatment
    Laser Hatching
    Donor Programs
    Blastocyst Culture Transfer
    Pre-Genetic Testing
    Sonography Hysteroscopy

    IUI Treatment Cost in Mumbai:

    IUI costing can vary with individual patients according to their specific needs. Unique complications of couples lead to several optional treatments of IUI that may increase or reduce the total cost at the IUI Center in Mumbai. Location, too, is a deciding factor for the cost.

    • Lab Tests
    • Doctor’s fees
    • Sperm Prep
    • Sperm Injection
    • Pregnancy Tests
    • Ultrasound (If Needed)
    • Donor Sperm (If Needed)
    • Doctor’s Fees.
    Cities in India IUI Costing per cycle
    Tier-1 Cities 25,000-40,000
    Tier-2 Cities 20,000-30,0000
    Tier-3 Cities 15,0000-20,000

    IUI Treatment Mumbai will cost you approximately 30,0000 INR per IUI cycle. The costs may vary with hospitals and individual conditions.

    IUI Center in Mumbai Treatment Details:

    • Consultation with Experts.
    • Medications, tests, and Stimulation.
    • Ultrasounds.
    • Sperm Processing
    • Sperm Injection into Uterus.
    • Daycare Ward


    Who should opt for IUI treatment?

    A couple with unexplained infertility, mild male infertility, ovulation conditions, and mild endometriosis should go for IUI Treatment.

    Are IUI and IVF the same?

    No. IUI and IVF differ at the point of fertilisation of eggs. Where IVF fertilises eggs outside of the body, through an artificial program, IUI fertilises the eggs inside the uterus only by injecting the sperm through a thin tube.

    Would I feel pain during IUI Treatment?

    IUI is very safe & offers no pain during the process. However, you may feel some discomfort while the process is going on. Afterward, you may get spotting on the delicate lining of the cervix.

    Are there any risks with IUI Treatment?

    IUI is one of the safest treatments for infertility. However, like all medical procedures, a few risks are associated with IUI as well. You may get

    • Infections.
    • Multiple Pregnancies.
    • OHSS

    When should I have a pregnancy test after IUI?

    Go with your doctor’s guidance. However, a 9-15 days wait is necessary for accurate results.

    How much does IUI Treatment cost?

    An average IUI treatment cost ranges from 15,000-25,000 INR per IUI cycle.