Surrogacy for Couples Looking for a Parenthood:

A healthy smiling child is all that a couple must crave. Unfortunately, thousands of couples are facing the issue of infertility. This is costing them their dream of becoming a lovable parent and enjoying the next phase of their lives. Moreover, the pain of not being able to conceive is not limited to only the body but your mind and heart also get disrupted. Emotional trauma is very common in such cases.

Since the 1980s, medical scientists have discovered a way of Surrogacy to offer parenthood to such couples. Today Surrogacy has become a boon for couples either of whom is infertile and can’t have a natural baby. But this doesn’t stop here. Adults who don’t want to marry but desire a genetic child can also approach a Surrogacy Treatment in Mumbai.

surrogacy treatment in Mumbai

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy in MumbaiSurrogacy is a process where a surrogate woman carries the child of a couple as the couple is not able to carry it due to some medical conditions or by preference. In most cases in India, you will find a couple who have severe cases of infertility, goes for this treatment.

In this process, doctors create a fertilised embryo, ready to be implanted in the womb by fertilising the eggs & sperm of the intended parents. Then the embryo is implanted in the surrogate mother’s uterus. The surrogate mother may not have any genetic connection with the child. But in cases where couples choose eggs from a donor, the surrogate may have genetic links with the baby.

Surrogacy treatment Center in Mumbai is helping out tens of couples each day to make their family complete. We understand how much importance a baby holds for you. Since the last few decades, the medical industry has been witnessing rapid growth in infertile couples. This is creating frustration & irritation among couples causing their relationships and professional career.

Mumbai Surrogacy Treatment is here, helping them as a boon. It is fulfilling their desire to become parents of a child, leading them to the next stage of their life. We, at IVF Clinics Mumbai, do the utmost care for the patients facing infertility. We have our own team and legal volunteers who will help you with all the procedures involved.

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    Which Surrogacy Treatment in Mumbai Should You Go For?

    The Surrogacy Treatment is further divided into two types. The process is the same but the surrogate mother is who makes the difference. Your doctor may suggest any one of the following based on your medical conditions & medical history.

    Traditional Surrogacy:

    Traditional surrogacy is where the surrogate will have a biological connection with your child. Couples who are unable to conceive naturally may go for it. This is also called Straight Surrogacy or Partial Surrogacy. Go for it when:

    • You, as a couple, are suffering through infertility.
    • You are suffering through egg & uterus problems.
    • Opting for a child and being a single parent.

    Gestational Surrogacy:

    Here, the surrogate mother will have no biological connection with the child. The embryo created by the intended parent’s eggs & sperm is implanted into the uterus of the surrogate. The doctors have to follow the IVF process for this surrogacy. Go for it when

    • Your eggs are healthy but your uterus is not.
    • You are a gay couple & want donor eggs from a female who can’t be pregnant.

    Benefits of Surrogacy:

    A child is what completes a family. But as we’re living in a technological era where our health is regularly degrading, it is very common to see someone infertile. We, as a Surrogacy Center in Mumbai, experience a queue of such patients each day who are eager to solve their health issues. Surrogacy helps them in various ways that you may not think of.

    • Be it LGBT couples or heterosexual couples, surrogacy completes your family.
    • Gestational surrogacy helps you or both develop a biological link with your child.
    • Surrogacy helps you build a new intimate relationship with a surrogate that lasts lifelong.
    • The progress of surrogacy is fixed and you will know everything that will happen in advance.
    • Surrogacy lets the intended couple be involved with the procedure.
    • Surrogacy has a high chance of being successful.

    Indian Laws about Surrogacy:

    Surrogacy Laws in India are different from other Western countries. Keeping the same expectations may lead you to disappointment. So here we are exposing you to all the laws that must be known to you if you’re planning to visit the Surrogacy clinic in Mumbai.

    • India has banned the commercialization of Surrogacy. You can’t buy or sell human embryos, without the services of a surrogate. Neither the surrogate will get any rewards, benefits, or fees.
    • Only heterosexuals are allowed to have surrogacy in India.
    • The surrogate once entered into the contract, can’t refuse to continue the process without the permission of the intended parent.
    • The embryo must be genetically connected to one or both of the intended parents.
    • A divorced or widow woman between 35 to 45 years may donate her eggs.
    • The child of a couple taking the services of a surrogate no-citizen of India will not be a resident of India.
    • The raising of the child will automatically transfer to the Nominees if the commissioning couple dies before the child’s birth.
    • Children, when turned 18, have a legal right to know about their surrogate mother.

    Why Choose IVF Surrogacy Clinic in Mumbai?

    Surrogacy is worldwide famous as a proven highly result-oriented infertility treatment. We, as a Surrogacy Clinic in Mumbai always keep world-class standards to treat our national & international couples as our own extended families. After all, we are making families.

    Affordable Treatment:

    The price range for surrogacy is high. However, at our clinic, you will find out the service cost to be minimal to help you financially. The total cost also depends on several variables from couple to couple. We help you to keep that at a minimum.

    World-Class Expertise:

    You will get diagnosed by the world-class expert doctors at IVF Clinic in Mumbai. We have been in the top reputed surrogacy treatment clinic in Mumbai for years now. You will get world-class infrastructure, a friendly support team, expert nurses for assistance, a Finance team, and doctors.

    Legal Team:

    Surrogacy treatment needs legal verifications and procedures to continue. You will find an industry expert legal team always ready to assist you in mentoring you for making, managing, and submitting the needed documents.

    Open Communication:

    Surrogacy is personal to people and communication keeps the relationship warm. Be it your surrogate, doctor, or our assistant team in any department, all of them are open to communication and have a mentor mentality for you.

    Personalised Services:

    Surrogacy has several variables to consider for each intended couple. The process becomes complicated if the agency is not responding to the individual needs of the clients & surrogates. In IVF Surrogacy Mumbai, we take care of such flexibilities.

    Building Relationships:

    We’re no agency that focuses only on making a profit. Our team is solely inclined towards making families complete. We maintain a warm relationship with our clients, and surrogates and tell them to do the same with us.

    Prime Location:

    IVF Clinic Surrogacy Hospital in Mumbai is at a prime location in the city, giving you easy reach from anywhere in the country. You will find all the amenities near the hospital within the range of a few minutes only.

    Finance Team:

    The surrogacy cost in Mumbai is no joke. There are legalities & financial conditions that you must know about. In IVF Surrogacy Mumbai, you get guidance from a personal finance team of the hospital.

    How Much Does a Surrogacy Cost?

    Surrogacy is a combination of several procedures that contribute to its total cost. Also, the location matters as big cities such as Mumbai may cost you more on behalf of world-class services for the intended parents & surrogates. The following are a few factors that affect the surrogacy cost in Mumbai.

    – Type of Surrogacy.
    – Clinic & doctor’s fees.
    – Surrogate Compensation
    Egg & Sperm Donor
    – Legal Fees
    – Medical Expenses

    Cities in India Surrogacy Cost
    Tier-1 Cities 15 Lakhs-25 Lakhs
    Tier-2 Cities 15 Lakhs-20 Lakhs

    Though individual factors may increase or reduce the cost, the average range of pricing of this treatment at Surrogacy Hospital in Mumbai is 15 Lakh-22 Lakh.

    How Do We Help You Have a Child Through Surrogacy?

    Taking the decision to Surrogacy is completely different from your other life decisions. Not only will it ask for good financial support but also shakes you emotionally. Easy to say than doing. We understand your condition and we’re there for you all the time.

    At our hospital IVF Clinic Surrogacy in Mumbai, we have created a system and environment that helps you through your emotional & physical journey. Our expert team of doctors and support staff are always ready to give you family vibes. We resonate with your worries. Here is how we will work with you.

    • Your medical history, personal issues-physical or mental, potential risks, and benefits will be discussed at our hospital.
    • We will discuss all the needed documents, financial support system, and medical contracts with you for a sound knowledge of the further procedure.
    • The decision is yours. Once the decision is positive, we will continue the surrogacy with a surrogate mother within a few weeks.
    • This duration will include diagnosis of the couple, surrogate, and medications for the IVF process, embryo creation, and implanting the embryo in the surrogate’s uterus.
    • Now we will wait for the delivery. Keep warm & healthy relationships with your surrogate and celebrate each small kick event.


    Who’s eligible for surrogacy in India?

    The Indian government only recognizes heterosexual couples eligible for surrogacy. Overseas people are allowed only when they have an Indian passport or have married an Indian partner.

    Will a surrogate have a biological link to the baby?

    Surrogates do have a biological connection to the baby only in traditional surrogacy.

    How much connection should a couple maintain with the surrogate?

    It depends on the person. However, we suggest you keep a warm healthy relationship that you may carry for a lifetime. A happy relationship will also be helpful to your child.

    Are Surrogates paid?

    Paying a surrogate for her services in India is illegal. Talk to our doctor & legal team for more details.

    How long does the Surrogacy take?

    It nearly takes 1-2 years from the beginning to the time of delivery.

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