Most couples were unfamiliar with the concept of embryo cryopreservation until medical science brought some awareness in the same regard. Cryopreservation treatment in Mumbai is deemed suitable for couples who wish to postpone their pregnancy due to their own specific reasons.

Now, before we get into the detailed overview of embryo cryopreservation, let’s take a look at the overall process.

The woman’s ovaries are first stimulated to create multiple eggs during the initial phase of the procedure. We would proceed with the embryo transfer process once the IVF experts have completed the total fertilization and embryo culture process.

Overviewing the cryopreservation treatment in Mumbai

Cryopreservation Treatment in MumbaiAccording to a recent study, more than the required number of embryos are fertilized during a certain IVF process in more than half of the cases. As a result of the agreement with the intended parents, IVF experts in Mumbai can begin preserving embryos through a method known as embryo cryopreservation.

Cryopreservation treatment in Mumbai is the most effective method for preserving embryo quality and competency under freezing conditions (-196 degrees C). The entire procedure is carried out in an IVF center under the guidance and care of a top embryologist.

Furthermore, the best freezing facilities and equipment are used to freeze the embryos, and they are then kept for longer periods of time using liquid nitrogen.

Why should one choose cryopreservation?

Embryos can be cryopreserved for future use during the cryopreservation process. As a result, couples can utilize it in the future in conjunction with IVF, in which the embryo is put into the womb of the woman undergoing therapy.

As a result, the patient does not need to undergo ovarian stimulation or egg retrieval. Besides, the fertility specialist will have the highest-quality embryo, which will eventually increase the odds of conception.

How does the frozen embryo transfer procedure work?

Cost of Cryopreservation in MumbaiThe procedure for transferring frozen embryos is quite similar to the one for transferring freshly cultured embryos. The only difference is that frozen embryos are used instead of freshly cultured embryos.

The woman’s menstruation cycles are monitored via ultrasound in some essential circumstances to track and monitor the progress of the uterus lining. The Ovulation process, which will finally play a crucial role in the entire operation, will also be used by the IVF specialists.

Still, a lot depends on the women’s pregnancy history, which will influence the outcome of the hormonally managed embryo transfer. As a result, the person should always check and speak with the best IVF expert available.

Cost of cryopreservation in Mumbai

The entire cost of embryo cryopreservation treatment in Mumbai is mostly determined by the IVF hospital in Mumbai with whom you are dealing with. Besides, most of these facilities charge extra fees if they use high-end medical equipment or anything similar. Nonetheless, you may need to invest between Rs 30000 and Rs 50000( per year).

The potential parents must also sign a contract with the IVF center in Mumbai to ensure that the operation proceeds smoothly. The agreement would cover a variety of aspects, including the length of cryopreservation, charges, and so on.

Why we are the best?

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