Intrauterine insemination or IUI is a procedure where the cleansed sperm derived from the male patient is artificially implanted in the women patient’s uterus.

In most cases, couples choose the best IUI clinic in Mumbai as their initial reproductive therapy option. Besides, contrary to several other assisted conception technologies, this one has been proven more beneficial for all couples dealing with infertility.

IUI opts-in cases where:

  • The male partner’s sperm count is poor or sperm motility is low.
  • Couples are facing issues during intercourse due to random deformities or disabilities.
  • Male patients are witnessing issues regarding premature ejaculation.
  • Women are experiencing sexual issues owing to a variety of factors.
  • Couples experiencing unexplained infertility.

How does IUI work?

IUI Process in MumbaiAt IVF clinics in Mumbai, we always ensure that the IUI procedure is performed under the expert supervision of our professional fertility specialists. As the initial step, our skilled fertility professional passes a soft catheter into the uterus to ensure the artificial implantation of the male sperm. The technique is normally performed in a lab and usually takes only several minutes the process.

The patients should not worry as the procedure will not be painful and no anesthetic will be required. Besides, you can resume your daily routine immediately after the fertility expert has carried through the procedure successfully. On day two of the cycle, the technicians will collect the blood test results and do additional checks as part of the therapy procedure.

If necessary, we also perform HMG injections, ultrasounds, injection dose adjustments, HCG natural intercourse procedures, and other formulations. Furthermore, the professional will ensure that the sperm and seminal plasma are separated. White blood cells and other detritus are also included in the mix, which then gets eliminated during natural intercourse.

During the next step, the speculum is put into the woman’s vagina, and the cleaned sperm is inserted into the cervix via the catheter attached to the cylinder. The treatment is carried out in a particular method to avoid any kind of discomfort or pain.

How successful is IUI treatment in Mumbai?

IUI Treatment in MumbaiIn most cases, the IUI clinic in Mumbai has been found extremely successful to treat random infertility issues in male or female patients. Yet, there are several elements that impact its overall success rate. Elements like a sperm count of roughly 10 million, along with a five- or ten-million- average boost your chances.

On the other side, circumstances in which sperm counts are fewer than 5 million may hamper the same success rate. Additionally,  the presence of one or two follicles is deemed perfect to ensure pregnancy.

Molecule split usually occurs on day 14 or day 15. However, the ideal time for the same is between 36 and 48 hours after the HCG injection. Yet, there is no harm even if the phenomenon occurs after that time span.

Female patients may have cramps, small cervix damage, or the occurrence of an infection. Even so, if done correctly and under expert guidance, you can prevent all of these problems during the treatment procedure.

How can we help to choose an IUI clinic in Mumbai?

At IVF Clinics Mumbai, we always ensure the usage of cutting-edge technology, as well as the skills and experience of the best fertility experts, to bring the desired results for our patients. Aside from that, we believe in offering personalized care to each of our patients, which makes the entire treatment procedure more pleasant.

We feel that familiarity and consistency in care will add to a person’s overall well-being. Hence, we always put through our best efforts into bringing the desired outcome while utilizing the finest and most advanced facilities.

The state-of-the-art infrastructure for sophisticated fertility treatment at IVF Clinics Mumbai further aids in the efficient treatment of infertility in both men and women. Moreover, a specialized multidisciplinary team of specialists will always be available to provide the desired outcome to our patients within the stipulated period.

You can always stay assured of getting the best facilities and infrastructure, as well as a well-equipped laboratory. Besides, we always ensure the usage of high-end equipment and facilities like laser-assisted hatching equipment, computer-assisted Semen analysis, an andrology unit, a sperm bank, embryo scope, DNA fragmentation, and so on.

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