Embryo Transfer Procedure in Mumbai
Embryo Transfer IVF

How Do You Prepare for Embryo Transfer Procedure?

Being a simple yet critical element in the final step of IVF that is done successfully in a world-class IVF clinic in Mumbai either for surrogacy treatment or to help an intended mother to become pregnant through a medically rich procedure, Embryo transfer is recognized as an important determinant of IVF procedure and its overall success. This final step is done with the freezing embryo or in the same cycle as egg pick up and IVF. This procedure is called fresh embryo transfer. If it is done with the frozen embryo, it is called FET or frozen embryo transfer. Both fresh and frozen options are good as the result differs from patient to patient. According to experts, the second option, or frozen embryo transfer is known for having a better success rate as the body is in the normal state without any ovarian stimulation.

The entire steps are performed and completed successfully in the selected IVF clinic in Mumbai, where experienced embryologists, IVF specialists, and gynecologists are working together to provide you with the best results. If you have any doubts and you are looking for the right solutions before getting the procedure started, it will be better to know about each and every step of the procedure to get success.

  • Before starting the procedure, you should know that it is a sterile process – done in the clinic or hospital by using different types of tools and cryopreservation procedures.
  • Anesthesia is not required or necessary. It is done only when a patient is anxious or has a history of difficult ET.
  • Before the procedure starts, the patient should stay on a light breakfast.
  • A doctor evaluates the fertilization rate, quality of embryos, and counsels regarding the number of embryos to be transferred along with cryopreservation of extra embryos (if required).
  • “The number of embryos transferred” is based on the patient’s age and medical history.
  • Depending on the patient’s age, availability of good quality embryos, and previous IVF results as well as the patient’s preferences, the number of embryos to be transferred is decided on the aforementioned factors.
  • All decisions are taken by the embryologist, who makes the right decision on various points.
  • For a successful procedure, a full bladder is required to visualize the uterus trans-abdominally.

There are various other key points required to take into consideration step by step. Necessary tests are required to do like ultrasound pictures of the uterus and comments on the mock embryo transfer are also checked. The trans-abdominal scan is also required to do mainly to visualize the uterus, cervix, and endometrial lining. All steps are done successfully and step-by-step by following all guidelines. The embryo transfer is usually done by using the latest techniques. For a safe and secure procedure, embryos are ejected slowly and the catheters are removed gently and handed to the embryologist who checks for any retained embryos.

As soon as the transfer procedure is completed, the patient is required to get some tests done after a certain number of days to ensure the pregnancy is done successfully. For the entire process, staying in touch with experts at a selected IVF clinic in Mumbai is one of the important decisions to make.

It is also one of the essential procedures for successful surrogacy in Mumbai. You have to make a contact as per your requirement and get the right. IVF Clinics Mumbai is a recognized name in this domain providing you with a step-by-step guide and helping you to understand the entire process. Schedule an appointment now and fulfill your desire of growing your family.

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