Egg Donation in Mumbai
Egg Donation

What are the Chances of Pregnancy through IVF with Egg Donation in Mumbai?

No matter, whether you are looking for IVF with egg donation or even anywhere else, the chances of a successful pregnancy depend on varied factors. Don’t forget to note that each stage of the process has its own success rate. The chance of fertilized donor egg-producing properly developing embryos is around 90%; while the chances of success after implanting the embryo in a correct way is around 85%. Chances of clinical pregnancy are around 70% with the egg donor. It is just a record that is based on the survey conducted on previous cases. Success also depends on the experience of doctors, the process is done to develop the embryo, the freezing process (if required), and treatment or observation.

Step-By-Step Guide for Successful Pregnancy

When you have finally decided to start your family with the help of an egg donor (because of the inability of your female partner to produce eggs or conceive naturally), the most crucial thing is to pay attention to varied key points like the selection of one of the top IVF clinics, treatment path – tailored specifically for you, and on varied other key points. You can start your treatment at a selected IVF clinic in Mumbai or even in a city you live in and move on the path of success.

Making any calculation or living on the myths is not a good decision. You are advised to try this procedure and you will be moving towards success. Before you step into this process, it will be better to know about the process step-by-step. By doing so, you will be able to fulfill your desire of completing your family through ART. Here are a few key steps:

Fertility Tests, Consultation, and Total Charges

The first and most crucial thing is to understand exactly what your treatment involves the cost and the options to arrange funds. The procedure starts with a fertility test – mainly to plan the exact treatment process you’ll follow. Your fertility consultant will explain everything to you – mainly details about the total cost, procedure, and time required.

Join the Counseling Sessions

The next most crucial thing is to join the counseling sessions before any treatment starts. Experienced counselors will clear your doubts and discuss with you all the implications of using a donor. It is done to provide you with complete peace of mind and ensure that you’re confident and informed before you consent to have treatment with the selected donor.

Matching Egg Donor

In the entire process of IVF with egg donation in Mumbai, matching the right donor is the most crucial part. For this, the selected clinic will provide you with personalized donor matching services through their updated database – mainly to help you find your ideal donor. You will get fully detailed profiles of any potential match along with added personal details. The donation process is completed in a planned way and step-by-step.

The Egg Retrieval Process

As soon as the procedure of egg donor is completed, the egg retrieval process will start to continue the treatment. An egg donor is a right option to get fresh eggs as the donor will undergo her donation cycle and egg collection procedure. In some cases, frozen donor eggs are also used that are thawed and prepared in a lab to develop the embryo.

Creating Embryo and then transferring it successfully by following all the key steps are some other points to take into consideration. Here, the most crucial thing is to search for the right IVF clinics in Mumbai and get the process completed in a secure way.

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